Monday, December 24, 2007

Spider Dreams

Black Wishbone Spider

I had a dream about spiders the other night. This time, they weren’t in my bed. They were just sticking to me and my clothes. They were good sized and there were tons of them. My husband kept trying to wipe the off of me, but they just kept sticking to me.

I have been having several nightmares the past week or so. One, where I was blamed by my aunt for all the deaths in my family. That all the things that I have said I feel for my family members was false. My father was still alive in this dream, but he still looked like he was around 15 years old. I was ruining his prized possessions, while being led by the “voice in my ear” – my Aunt.

A few nights ago, I had a dream about invisible people, or ghosts. I am still not sure which. They kept running around, pulling pranks on people, but they had giant Mickey Mouse glove hands.

I have very vivid dreams. I always have. Usually they don’t make sense, sometimes they make perfect sense. Sometimes I remember them for years later, sometimes I only remember them for about 5 minutes later. I try to write them down, or talk about them. The more I tell, the more I remember.

When I was a little over three, I had my first vivid dream about spiders. I had to have been a little over three and a half. I was running around in my bed, with my eyes wide open, screaming about spiders being in my bed. They were everywhere. But I wasn’t awake. My mom heard me from downstairs and woke me, standing in the middle of my bed. I have been terrified of spiders ever since.

A lot of times, I can tell what is really bothering me at the time in my life when I have weird dreams. I can’t walk myself out of my dreams, but my husband is trying to teach me how. I guess he knows how. He’s done it before. Dreams are strange things. I used to often think that they were links to the past, or ways to communicate with the dead. I seemed to get messages from my dad after he passed in my dreams. I also have had dreams about people that I have never met, or places I have never been to, but I knew quite a few things about. I wasn’t them, but I worked with them, or I was visiting an era.

I guess I’ll just have to keep writing down my dreams and trying to figure out what they mean. Hopefully one day, they will mean that I will fall into millions of dollars. J

Happy holidays! May all your fantastic dreams come true!

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