Monday, September 29, 2008

Things I Love About My Husband

Today is our one year wedding anniversary. I am still as happy as I was the day we got married. I love my husband with all my heart and every day, I love him even more. He is a really fun person and a loving friend. I have been working on this list off and on since early 2006. This is a list of things I love about my husband. I probably could continue on it, but some of it IS private. Now we get to eat cake. Hee hee. I hope it's still good.

  1. He puts up with my moods.

  2. He is always supportive.

  3. He gets excited about the same things as me.

  4. He watches all the seasons of Friends with me.

  5. Wi-Fi, baby.

  6. He wakes me up with tales of Saved By The Bell.

  7. He loves and helps take care of Mario.

  8. He cooks me yummy food.

  9. He helps me clean.

  10. He lets me pick the music.

  11. He brought my plants back to life.

  12. He respects me.

  13. He respects my beliefs.

  14. He thinks I look cute in everything.

  15. He likes to read.

  16. He rubs my feet.

  17. He picks out my shirts for me.

  18. We have fun taking showers together.

  19. He is beautiful.

  20. He looks so sweet when he sleeps.

  21. He offers to sleep on the couch when he snores.

  22. He tells me he loves me in his sleep.

  23. He loves my cooking.

  24. He loves me.

  25. We like each other’s friends.

  26. He always encourages me.

  27. He’s a fun car pool buddy.

  28. He gets me.

  29. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met.

  30. He rubs my back when it hurts.

  31. He trusts me.

  32. He is my rock star.

  33. He believes in me.

  34. He sends me the sweetest text messages.

  35. He tells me he loves me all the time.

  36. He is my angel.

  37. He has the greatest butt.

  38. He is brilliant.

  39. He has the greatest hands.

  40. He is the best cuddler.

  41. I love him.

  42. He makes me laugh.

  43. He thinks I am beautiful with or without make-up.

  44. He has the best kisses.

  45. I love to stare at him.

  46. He has the cutest dimples.

  47. He always washes my back.

  48. He has a beautiful soul.

  49. He’s funny.

  50. He has the most beautiful laugh.

  51. He has the most beautiful smile.

  52. He lets me vent to him.

  53. He makes me calm when I get mad.

  54. He is so much fun to plan things with.

  55. He gets up two hours earlier to ride to work with me.

  56. He talks to me when he is upset.

  57. He respects my feelings and beliefs.

  58. He listens.

  59. He makes me happy.

  60. He takes breaks with me.

  61. He found my desk.

  62. He lets me use his CD player at work.

  63. He makes me cool CD’s.

  64. He’s fun to share stories with.

  65. He has great stories to tell.

  66. My family loves him.

  67. My friends love him.

  68. He takes care of me when I am sick.

  69. He encourages me.

  70. He is an amazing artist.

  71. He won’t do stuff if I ask him not to.

  72. He is getting his license for me.

  73. He’s moving in with me.

  74. He shares his stuff with me.

  75. I am comfortable with him.

  76. He sends me fun stuff to do on the Internet when I am bored at work.

  77. He helps me make decisions.

  78. He is my man.

  79. He is Pwnd.

  80. I love to show him off.

  81. He hates people because they are mean to me.

  82. He gets embarrassed when I tell him why I love him.

  83. He is so damn cute!

  84. He has the softest skin ever.

  85. Every night, he massages my leg so I can sleep.

  86. He makes me coffee every morning.

  87. He finds me for break time.

  88. He likes to have lunch with me.

  89. He sits on the floor, so I can have the whole couch.

  90. He likes to hold my hand.

  91. He’s really funny.

  92. He doesn’t care if I am a slob.

  93. He likes the fact that I fart and burp.

  94. He thinks I am pretty naked.

  95. He makes me smile until I feel like my mouth will fall off.

  96. He appreciates me.

  97. He lets me listen to the Beatles on Sunday (and Monday and Tuesday).

  98. He’s so much fun to talk to.

  99. It gets better every time.

  100. He lets me use the good chair at the desk.

  101. He rescues me when I fall.

  102. He doesn’t notice when other girls flirt with him.

  103. He says he’ll beat up any guy that flirts with me.

  104. He loves my mom.

  105. He is taking me to meet his family.

  106. I love to make him smile and laugh.

  107. I love to take care of him.

  108. He loves to take care of me.

  109. He makes sure I take my medication and vitamins.

  110. He cuddles with me in his sleep.

  111. He writes me sweet poetry.

  112. He watches my movies.

  113. He’ll change the music if I don’t like it.

  114. He tries to find things that will interest me.

  115. He knows how much I love him and doesn’t take advantage of it.

  116. He tells me I am awesome.

  117. He really listens to me.

  118. He’s always willing to try something new.

  119. He tucks me in at night.

  120. He loves Mario as much as I do.

  121. He's going to marry me.

  122. He changed his sleeping schedule dramatically to match mine.

  123. He let me take care of him when he was sick.

  124. He is patient with me.

  125. He won't let me say “I'm sorry.”

  126. He agrees with me.

  127. He goes for walks with me.

  128. He's trying to help me be healthy.

  129. He is an amazing chef.

  130. He reminds me to take my meds.

  131. He is excited about getting married.

  132. He cares so much about his friends.

  133. He won't tell me the ends of stories so I can read them myself and be surprised.

  134. He loves Harry Potter.

  135. He is not afraid to show emotion.

  136. He married me.

  137. He found a new job for me.

  138. He was supportive when I got laid off.

  139. He loves to listen to me sing.

  140. He runs his fingers through my hair when I am playing on the computer.

  141. His family thinks I am good for him.

  142. Even though he hates it, he went to all those doctor appointments with me.

  143. He took time off to go to the oncologist with me.

  144. He brags about me at work.

  145. He loves to spend his days off with me.

  146. He will suffer through grocery shopping to be with me.

  147. When I am stressed out, he does everything he can to calm me down. Even if it's just letting me be frenzied.

  148. He always compliments any kind of work I do.

  149. He drives when I get my eyes dilated.

  150. He let me pick our medical insurance.

  151. He loves what I have done to our new apartment.

  152. He is a huge help when I ask.

  153. He is my tall man.

  154. He is working just as hard as I am at being “green”

  155. He reads books that I like.

  156. Being married is just as fun as the prospect.

  157. We are working really hard together to be able to have a baby.

  158. He told the doctor the truth.

  159. He does weird things that make me laugh.

  160. We hardly ever fight.

  161. He lets me pick out his products.

  162. He lets me buy purses and shoes.

  163. I love being married to him.

  164. He thinks I am creative.

  165. He is just as excited about our future as I am.

  166. He can't wait to have a kid and a house.

  167. We both love and are inspired by Obama

  168. He calls me on his breaks and spends his lunches with me.

  169. He thinks I make the best sandwiches.

  170. He likes my taste.

  171. He inspires me!

  172. We have actually made it through one year of being married. It's awesome!


Daisy said... incredibly sweet! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby, Tink! I love the photo and that is one amazing list. It sounds to me like you are both very much in love and both very lucky to have each other. This is a wonderful tribute to your husband. I hope you have shared this with him. Here's to many many more happy years ahead of you! :D

heder said...

Hey, I just googled myself and saw that you link back to my blog, thanks! I don't know if I ever told you, but I think I must have, that this list you have about "Things I Love About My Husband" inspired me. I have been working on a list for my boyfriend and so far I'm up to 119! It's a very positive tool for our relationship. He has said that he doesn't want to see the list yet, he wants to wait for a special occasion. Neat-o!

Tink said...

Heder, welcome! I am so glad to have inspired you! ANd good for you for already coming up with 119. It really feels good to find all the positive things. And reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place.

I hope your boyfriend enjoys the list when he gets to read it!