Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adult - Type Top Ten

My friend, Dan came up with this survey, because he was tired of the 12 year old Myspace and Facebook surveys that don't really apply to adults. The words at the beginning are his (in italics). And other than the questions, the rest are mine.

I realize I have been doing a lot of survey lately, but I am having a bit of a mind block. I hope you forgive me. And what better way to get to know me?

Ever get tired of those online survey questionnaire bulletin-type things written by 12-year-olds who know NOTHING about life? They sometimes ask the same question, but in different ways, and they're usually questions that provide little or no insight into a person. I mean, who you got a text from last doesn't tell me much about you.

The trick is to ask a question that is simple enough to answer without it being too stupid of a question. It has to be one that you KNOW they will answer. Finally, it has to be a question whose answer will provide some interesting insight into the person who answers it. After all, I'm not on Facebook to throw apps around and tell you who sent me a text last. I want to LEARN something about YOU.

With that, I present to you... The Adult Top 10 Survey.


Adult Top 10 Survey

1. Did you move far away from your hometown? If so, how far away, and for how long? I lived in my hometown for 30 years. Occasionally, I would move out of the city, but I always came back. Until 2003. When my dad passed away, my mom decided that the house I grew up in was falling apart and shoe could no longer take care of it on her own. Most of her family lived in Vancouver, WA. I was unemployed, because I was still in recovery from a stem cell transplant. We made a few deals about what would happen when we moved, we packed it all up and moved around the corner from her sister. She has been in the same house. I have moved twice - one time down the street, and again to a suburb of Portland, OR with my husband.

2. Name one thing you really liked about your hometown, and one thing you did not. - I loved a lot of things about Huntington Beach. But I think the thing I loved the most - there was always something to do and someone to do it with. At anytime, I could just drive up and down the streets with my music blaring and a Diet Coke in hand, just people watching. Especially down by the pier. Or really late at night, driving through the canyons in Laguna Beach, just to relax. I could almost always find someone to shop with, go to a bar with, or just go over and visit. The one thing I didn't like so well was the expense. Granted, living at home for most of my life helped me out. But it was expensive to live there. Gas was more expensive. Getting into bars was more expensive. This is why I can't go back, no mater how much I want to.

3. Same question, but about your current location. Skip this if you never moved. - In Portland - people are nice. Not just trying to placate you nice, but genuinely nice. It's amazing. We thought people were crazy here when we first moved. There are people that are not so nice, but for the most part, it's nice to not feel uncomfortable when walking down the street, or asking for directions, or even having random people talk to you in the store. What I dislike - lack of jobs. I have harped on this over and over. But I have been looking for over a year and can't find anything. Since we have moved up here - 6 years ago, I have had 6 jobs. Compare that to having had 5 jobs in 17 years before that. And when in between lay offs, I have had a terrible time finding anything. Almost every job I have had here, I have been laid off. It's very unsettling and scary.

4. What do you do for a living, and how did you end up getting there? - I am currently unemployed and looking. I would prefer some sort of clerical, Admin assistant or data entry job. It took me a while to realize this, but I learned from my last job in Orange County that I love the stability, order, and thought process I would have with these jobs. My life has so much more order when I have a schedule in my work day, and when it's organized. I love it.

5. Most adults end up creating a hard life for themselves, complete with a mortgage, spouse, kids, bills, and so on. Why did YOU choose the hard life? -It's a challenge. While I may not seem to be the challenge type of person, I do welcome it. At the same time, it's a challenge. :-) My bills are a necessity. At this point, my whole life seems to be like this. I am in a constant struggle to not WANT everything. But because I am unemployed, I can only get what I need to survive. I have lists upon lists of things that I would like to have and do. I guess that's the challenge, though. To work harder to make more of my life. It makes living life more worthwhile.

6. Think about what you wanted to be when you were younger, and compare it to what you are now. Are you shocked? Surprised? Disappointed? How do you REALLY feel about where you've ended up? - I wanted to be a veterinarian or a musician. It changed once I realized I was bad in math and could stand the thought of putting an animal down. I am disappointed in some ways. Not shocked. I have been through so many changes and it's all been a learning experience - I wouldn't change it for the world. I would still love to work with animals or be a musician. But as far as both... I don't have the patience to learn more. Or the brain for it. I almost prefer to do it on my own time and not make a job out of it.

7. When life gives you lemonade, find someone to whom life has given vodka. Talk briefly about a NEGATIVE in your young life that you were able to turn around into a positive as an adult. - I was an only child. I am a fire sign. Some of you may not really take faith in astrology, but from doing my own charting, I've learned a lot and foundthat much of it is true. To be a fire sign and an only child means that you do some outrageous things to get attention. For me, it was imaginary friends, lying, cheating, being loud and being a cry baby - something was always wrong. When I was 27, my cry baby-ness worked in my favor. I found out I had cancer. I would not have realized it if I hadn't been trying to find something wrong. I knew I felt weird, but I couldn't find a reason for it. I finally told my parents. They sent me to a doctor. I became a different person after that. Sometimes I still slip back into my old ways, but for the most part, I have become a more positive person and I try to help people and bring some light into their lives.

8. We are technically adults (in some regard) when we turn 18. From there we make mistakes and learn. What was the most profound mistake you ever made, and describe what you learned from it. - I let a boyfriend control me. He controlled everything - what I did, who with, where I lived, my relationship with my parents, our relationship, what I ate. It was awful. And I did it for four years, not realizing that anything was wrong with that. It took me years upon years to make up for all of that. It was a huge blow to my ego, and I lost many friends in that time. I almost lost my family. I've learned what I don't want to have in my life. I have learned to be a more positive person, and love what I have. Don't let anyone run my life. That was abuse. I am a good person. With a big heart. It wasn't too late with my family, and I was able to make amends with my dad before he passed. I was able to salvage what I had left with my fiends. And now I appreciate them more than ever.

9. Today's world is hectic, busy, and sometimes scary. Name ONE thing that brings you happiness, and give a brief description about why this activity works for you. - My husband. Really. He is my life light. I had been almost suicidal before meeting him. He saved me from myself. I realize that isn't an activity, but loving him is. If I am upset or sad, I think of him and I say out loud, "I love that man. I love my husband." And I smile. Talking to him, hugging him, giving him kisses, cuddling with him - it all makes me feel relaxed and serene. He brings out the best in me. We have such fun together. We have no money, and our bills are always paid late, but I relax in his presence. It's really a wonderful feeling.

10. Since most of us went to school together, or are about the same age, describe your experience as it pertains to graduation day from high school. What did you do? Where did you go? What were you thinking? - I don't remember much from graduation (you know, the memory thing), but I remember being there. I remember the principal saying to me as he gave me my diploma envelope - "Wow you have quite the crowd cheering for you!" I did and I was surprised. I not only had the band people, my boyfriend and my parents, but several people in my class yelling and screaming for me. But I don't remember why. I remember crying when a classmate sang "One Moment In Time" because of relief, and sadness because I know that so many of these people - people that i had known since I was little - I would probably never see again.

After graduation, I had decided not to go to grad night because I couldn't bring my boyfriend. So, my parents took us out to dinner, bowling and miniature golf. It was a nice thing for my parents to do and they tried to do everything they could to make it memorable.

At the time, the plan was to go to school for a while and get married to the boyfriend. We broke up soon after that. I went to school, I became a supervisor at work, and I became a kind of party girl. A very different person than I was in high school.

But that's enough about me... How about you?

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Daisy said...

Well written post, Tink. This definitely gave some insights into who you are and why you are that person.

I'm so sorry to hear you are still having to deal with the unemployment issue. There are so many people here without jobs, as well. Many factories in this area are connected to the auto industry and are suffering because of that.

I know I am very fortunate to have my job at the library. Although, there apparently is the possibility that either my hours are going to be cut or that I will lose my job altogether because funding they were expecting from the state is not going to go through after all. You just have to take things one day at a time.

I hope something will turn up for you soon.

Hugs (((Tink))) from Daisy. :-)